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The reason we are here

No Blockchain fees. Ever.

People everywhere are excited about the investment opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies. They feel that the hype is real, and they may even know people who invest and gain from buying and selling cryptocurrency.

However, while investing in cryptocurrencies seems an interesting way to use your money to make money, it isn’t really that simple, or cheap… is it?

iFOREX Crypto was created to offer crypto enthusiasts a way around the some of the lesser-known challenges that crypto exchanges present.

25+ years in the global financial markets
provide us a unique angle on crypto.

The most important thing to remember is that today, people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, have many alternatives. They can choose their investment platform and decide how to use their money for potential profit. They are no longer limited, as access exists to many financial possibilities and opportunities worthy of pursuit.

iFOREX Crypto was born from this idea. That you can pursue the same goals, without blockchain fees.

We invite you to download our app and experience the difference immediately.